The duo that do.

Jeremy and Liel Bar-Z met online, which changed the direction of both their music careers. With Jeremy's unique producing and direction, and Liel's hit lyrics and contemporary vocals, they made music that's attracting the attention of the next door neighbors, who think it sounds really, really nice. 

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Just ask the neighbors.





Production and Direction

Jeremy is an exceedingly talented musician, with literally nothing standing in the way of his abilities and determination. Jeremy is also the luckiest man alive, with his gorgeous girlfriend of 10 years, Tracy (love you babe!), slightly scary dog Wiggles, and unshakeable ability to... Well, to consistently kick ass.


Vocals And lyrics

Liel is a Singer Songwriter, single mom, badass fire juggler, model, pole dancer, military trained helicopter mechanic, and all in all a genuinely nice person (unless she's hungry or pregnant or both). 

Her favorite food is Mexican and her favorite men are drag queens!

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Well, I'll tell you.

Jeremy and Liel started the process unlike any remote collaboration. Because of the ridiculous trust they both had in one another, Jeremy was compelled to send Liel his music with only the title, and permission to do whatever the fudge she wanted. This title would inspire Liel to write a song specific to that track and idea, without any background story. The musical connection these two shared made way for pretty darn awesome tunes, so Liel decided to pack a bag and visit for a couple weeks. She made her way all the way from Israel to Los Angeles, California. 

They fought, they laughed, they argued for 4 hours straight about 4 bars in a song (She thought there should be 2, but they compromised on 3). They ate a lot of Chinese, Mexican, burgers (I guess that's American), and ended up with 15 songs written and recorded.

Vowing to not speak for at least a month, Liel returned home. While the next trip was planned shortly after, the Cursed Covid-19 struck, and thus Jeremy and Liel were forced to continue to work from a distance. 

Finally, the music is ready to be released, and little by little Jeremy and Liel continue to create as well as showcase their music to the world.